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Helping advocate for better internet provision

With the New Products team at CHOICE, Australia's leading consumer advocacy group, we developed a service that helps people understand more about their home internet connection.

The New Products team were making an open source router with a screen, and they asked IF to develop services that helped CHOICE demand better internet provision on behalf of the consumer. Many Australians suffer poor internet provision, following the troubled roll out of the national broadband network. CHOICE wanted a way to gather real-time feedback that they could use for advocacy.

Geetha With Broadband Monitor
Showing Broadband Monitor

We made a service that helped consumers understand why their home Wi-Fi might be slow, manage devices connected to the network and improve their network security. Our decision to make this service was based on interviews with CHOICE members, research in user experience lab settings and our own personal experiences.

The CHOICE now support the proposition, Wi-Fi boss, as an open source router that uses network performance to introduce people to network security and device hygiene.