Broadband monitor


Helping people understand their home internet

It's hard to know exactly what's going on with a home internet connection. The quality can change without any apparent reason, while technical jargon and opaque interfaces conspire to make finding out more difficult. The broadband monitor explores how consumer advocacy organisations can build products and services that help.

This collaboration with CHOICE, the leading consumer advocacy organisation in Australia, builds on our prototype "The Log". Over seven weeks, we spoke to CHOICE members to learn about how they use their home networks, what they want to know about the internet, and what kind of products would help.

Geetha With Broadband Monitor
Showing Broadband Monitor

When most people think about their home network, it's usually in the context of 'Why can't I stream this film?', not 'Is my router password strong enough to stop people I don't know using my network?'. So we used network performance to introduce people to ideas about network security and device hygiene.

The project write-up explains more about the journey we went on as we developed the broadband monitor. We also shared what we'd learned during the collaboration on our blog.