Home Monitor

Making the hidden, local data from your home visible and actionable

At the moment, the "smart home" is just a bunch of gadgets and toys. We need smart things to solve boring problems, like telling us about air pollution or whether our homes are developing a mould problem.

The Home Monitor is a prototype for an internet connected environment monitor. It takes readings of the air quality and shares data with the owner via SMS and through a service that runs locally on the machine.

It uses natural language processing to give people clear advice about conditions in their home, and how they could improve it.

House I Message

We’re testing a few things with this prototype: how people respond to sensors in their home; what kinds of notifications help people make decisions; what are the benefits to running services locally. But the most important is about testing different ways of sharing data.

We think the Home Monitor could use rich local datasets to help people understand their homes better. We also think it could contribute to those datasets, using a data licence to share environmental data – with the owner's consent.

Doing that would help turn a ‘smart home’ into part of a local community. The data has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for change and togetherness. We want to understand how people feel about that.

Home Monitor Screen

Now feels like a good time to be investigating a product like Home Monitor. With the rollout of Smart meters in the UK and the growth of internet-connected devices on the market, our homes are increasingly monitored spaces.

Exploring new models for data sharing is critical. People generating data should have more control over who gets to use that data. If you’d like to work with us to take Home Monitor further, get in touch: work@projectsbyif.com