GDPR for unions


Defining principles for UNISON's approach to data

As the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approaches, we worked with UNISON to shape their approach for updating data infrastructure and services.

The project kicked off with a workshop with senior mangers in UNISON's digital, membership and communications teams. We built up a picture of how data about members is used and stored, and what the overlap is between different datasets across UNISON's branches.

This research informed sessions in which we identified high-level opportunities for UNISON to transform its data infrastructure. The outcome was a series of guiding principles that will form the basis for GDPR compliance and further innovation in the years to come.

“Working with with IF was enjoyable, productive and empowering. They gave us practical next steps for improving our data infrastructure and services. IF really helped us to see the GDPR as an opportunity to positively build trust in the union, rather than just a series of hurdles to be overcome.”

Lucie Hyndley
Director of Communications
Idea Generation
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