GDPR and innovation

Using new digital rights to build world class services

When the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018, European citizens will have a new set of rights around personal data. At IF we see that as a huge opportunity to build innovative, empowering services that respect people's rights and shows companies can be trusted with data.

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Our initial research into GDPR explored how the principles behind these new rights could underpin genuinely transformative services.

The right of erasure could inspire services that leverage persistent data minimisation to produce useful, long term benefits. The right to restrict processing could lead to products that share your consent preferences with other connected devices. The right to rectification could lead to formation of a Public Guardian for digital identity.

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Since then, IF has worked with a number of organisations to help them plan for GDPR. We've worked with companies whose marketing teams hold the data of tens of millions of customers, with advocacy groups whose membership records date back several decades, and with businesses whose services operate in dozens of EU countries.

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