Consumer rights

Defining the future of advocacy and consumer rights

This is archived work. See our work page to find out about our latest thinking.

Building on our work understanding the future of consumer advocacy and identifying digital advocacy policies with Consumers International, we've continued to explore the near future of consumer rights.

Trust and the Internet of Things

News stories about security flaws and data breaches with IoT devices are rapidly eroding trust. A new set of design patterns are essential for making sure these products are safe and respect our rights.

We're also investigating new approaches to security in IoT devices. By supporting safe practices at a community-level, we'll embed a thoughtful approach to people's rights in product designers and makers.

Designing for trust

The relationships we have with people, companies and even technology rely on trust. Designing with trust in mind is a critical and meaningful step towards improving the quality of the products we own.

We've worked with companies to ensure the technology they build is accountable and that the way they use data is clear to people. We're also conducting research into the design patterns that will help guarantee trust in a new era of digital rights.

If you want to build trustworthy technology that empowers users, work with us. Email, and we can help deliver products that respect people's rights.