We are design-led and data focussed

Our work focuses on five main areas. We help you:

  • Build internal momentum by understanding the potential value of improving trust in your use of technology and sufficient alignment to get started.
  • Understand and diagnose where your business is to identify quick wins and grand visions.
  • Become more trustworthy in your use of data to create, access and grow new markets.
  • Create the enabling environment of third parties that help people navigate trust to drive adoption and grow value.
  • Build a multidisciplinary, capability and capacity within your organisation, to create the cultural conditions for teams that make services users trust.

Our impact

When people trust in a service, people are more likely to use it, provide accurate information, and recommend it to others.

This leads to gains:

for businesses

increased market share, greater customer engagement and permission to innovate

for individuals

more value from services, and greater control of the technology in their lives

for society

increase the power of data to tackle sustainability, create conditions for technological innovation and increases economic growth

Work with us

To discuss how IF can support your organisation please email on [email protected]