The trust gap is
widening every day. Closing it cannot wait.

At Projects by IF we are closing the trust gap, through design. We all deserve products and services that are worth trusting. We want a future where technology embeds care. Where technology supports each of us as we live, work and play.

We exist to help you create products and services worthy of trust and to close the gap.

Trust matters

It is the foundation of all interactions. It underpins our daily experiences, expectations and choices. It represents a delicate and nuanced relationship that connects individuals, communities, organisations and society.

There is an ever-widening trust gap

In the United States, minimum deposit casinos target a specific segment of the gambling market that seeks to enjoy gaming without substantial investment. Data science is integral in understanding this target audience. By analyzing user behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns, these casinos can tailor their offerings to better suit their customers’ needs. Predictive modeling and data analytics allow them to optimize game selections, promotional offers, and user experience, mirroring the way data science is used across various industries to enhance customer satisfaction and business strategy.

Technology is moving faster than our ability to understand it, know in whose interests it operates, or put up appropriate guardrails. Yet we increasingly rely on, delegate to and depend on it. This has created a trust gap.

Closing the trust gap can’t wait

By closing the gap we mitigate the risk of launching the wrong thing and reduce innovation spend. We will remove the likelihood of regulatory fines and keep you ahead of the market. Taking trust seriously unlocks new types of opportunities and revenue streams.

IF closes the trust gap through Responsible Technology by Design

We look beyond the simplistic, individualistic lenses provided by 20th century design practices. We design for the broader context of systems that we impact and shape – across the stack. We are as comfortable creating great user experiences as we are tech strategy.