What we do

1. Readiness to start: diagnose

Know what good looks like

Find out what best practices are in Responsible Technology in your sector, what they mean for you and how to progress.

Understand your potential

Improve your competitive position by understanding your internal capabilities, competitors, supply chain, ecosystem and changing customer perceptions to uncover commercial opportunities within the market for responsible products and services.

Make the case for change

Know the return on trust for your organisation, and construct a compelling financial and risk-based case for change.

2. Reimagine your future: research

See the possibilities 

Inform your organisational, technology and product planning. Bring to life the possible futures of technology and data, its unintended consequences and understand the impact on your strategy.

New propositions discovery

See through the hype to reality. Use design and prototyping to decide if, when and how to implement new technologies, processes and business models. Understand the impact on trust, your R&D and strategy.

Capabilities with vision and principles 

Understand what trust means for your organisation through bringing it to life in a vision and accompanying principles to guide your future work.

3. Repair products or services: experience design

Diagnose trust gaps

Worried your products or services hold risk? Through an assessment, together we define and prioritise your trust points within existing user experiences and help you know what to do next.

Deepen customer relationships 

Invent, design and implement data patterns within your user journeys in order to earn trust with your customers. Build responsible, personalised experiences. Develop capabilities and patterns that your teams can use to repair other products and services.

Turn transparency into value

Help your customers and wider ecosystem understand, across your channels, how data is collected, stored and used to improve their experience and create public value through proof-backed claims. 

4. Redesign for trust: product and service design | mentoring

Prototype products and services

Make high-fidelity prototypes of products and user experiences that demonstrate new value exchanges with data, open up new markets and that demonstrate trustworthiness.

Pilot to scale

Develop and build a functioning data-rich product or service, piloted in early market conditions and either ready for global roll out or pivoted to meet needs. 

Build capability

Support your teams by embedding Responsible Technology by Design practises through mentoring with IF’s team. We help teams in start-ups, scale-ups and established organisations with their dilemmas in data, technology and trust.

5. Reach new audiences: growth strategy

Explain your products

Understand the impact of your product on target audiences and society. Translate your product’s impact into engaging language, design and features that prove it’s worth trusting.

Grow your community

Create community activation and engagement plans. Plan for the commercial partnerships that drive adoption and conversion of your product or service. Design an onboarding or education programme to create a trustworthy experience. 

Measure success

Establish ongoing monitoring to measure the impact of your product or service on trust, society, adoption and conversion.

Work with us

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